Monday, August 10, 2015

OK, I've Been a Bad Boy...

...and not updating the blog. Most of my beer travels have been documented on Twitter and I haven't always felt like duplicating them here.

I am on my way to Bamberg with my trusty Bike Friday -- if weather co-operates I'll have nearly a couple of weeks riding around to my favorite countryside breweries.

I'll be playing around with a  new toy -- an app on my iPhone -- called LocaToWeb -- that will update my riding tracks -- and do so in real time. Now with a 6-9 hour time difference you probably won't catch the start of a ride -- but you might catch the end.

It may not work well, but it's worth a peek if you are bored.

Also, I hope to soon have my iPhone/iPad version of my "Beer Drinker's Guide to Bamberg" in the App Store. It is waiting for Apple to approve (or reject).  It will be followed in short time by beer guide apps for London, New York, Dublin and Copenhagen. And maybe a free one for Antwerp (not as many pubs there).