Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Sticke Warriors Tour about to start...

One couple has left already, on a "pre-tour" culture stop. They and the rest of the first wave will meet in Bamberg on Tuesday, December 2. Our schedule this year is:

  • Bamberg, December 2-8
  • Düsseldorf, December 8-11. On Tuesday Dec. 9 we'll have our own "Sticke Day" with a keg kept from October. Wednesday Dec 10 is a day trip to Cologne
  • Antwerpen, December 11-15. We'll probably do a day trip to Brussel on Friday Dec 12. Saturday and Sunday (Dec 13 and 14) is the Kerstbierfest (Belgian Christmas Beer Festival) in nearby Essen.
  • Amsterdam, December 15-17.
We'll have 18 people with us in Düsseldorf, a few less in Bamberg and Antwerp. By Amsterdam its down to the hard core seven :)

I hopefully have better internet connections this time and will be able to post at least every other day.

BTW, this is the 10th Anniversary of our first "Sticke" trip (1998).


Rick Lyke said...

You are really going to enjoy Bamberg. I made my first visit to the city at the end of October (you can check out my notes and photos at All I can say is that the great beer is only topped by the beauty of the city and the friendly people. You are in for a real beer treat on this trip. Have fun!

Unknown said...

I guess I'm not hardcore then.