Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden

We took the train over the Øresund bridge over to Malmö, Sweden. We met a beer friend Lennart (and his friend Lars) but the bulk of our Malmö beerfriends had just left that day for a trip to the US.

We arrive a little early before our meeting place pub was open,  so we walked around the town a bit.

The pub was called The Bishops Arms. Not very Swedish sounding, is it.  Lots of British Cask Ales, a good selection of continental lagers and, of course, some Swedish beers.

It was getting on time for dinner. We walked thru town to another The Bishops Arms. Own by the same people but this one had a better kitchen, according to our friends. Also a bigger selection of beers.

Herring Appitizer

Salmon Dinner



Beer Sagas said...

Sound like a great day trip. I never visited that pub on my last visit to Malmö, but I try it later this year. If you go back to Malmö I will recommend The Green Lion Inn with more than 40 different draught beers.

The Mad Brewer said...

@Beer Sagas: The Green Lion was on the list of options, but the locals said the kitchen at the Bishops Arms - Gustav was better.

Beer Sagas said...

I believe your friends. As locals they know the area and its pubs and restaurants.

But for the record: I never ate at The Green Lion Inn. I just drank beers... :)