Friday, December 16, 2011

Drinking in Antwerp

After the De Koninck, I had the St. Bernardus Christmas.

Followed by a De Struise Pannepot Reserve Special (3 years in a port barrel, I was told). Yum.

I love this window decoration (it was taken from inside so the text is mirror image)

In addition to these taps, there is a separate tap that had the Affligem Christmas.

It was getting on time for the Kulminator to open, so I decide to head that way. Went by some more Christmas Markets...

Santa Costumes for everybody!

I got to the K. just after they opened. It's always tough to pick the first beer

When in doubt, go for a favorite: Avec le Bons Voeux from DuPoint.

Followed by another favorite, Gouden Carolus Christmas

Head that this years Stille Nacht was good, so I had one. It is very good -- and I bet in 10 years it will be a classic.

There was quite a bit of buzz in the beer world about the Westvleteren packs being sold in the grocery store. It turns out there are quite a lot of these still available. Also heard a rumor that they were actually brewed at Westmalle. The two breweries to co-operate: Westvleteren uses Westmalle bottles and supposed the Westmalle yeast.

Jet lag was starting to kick in so I had a final beer: Straffe Hendrick Quadruple.

These doesn't show up well in a photograph, but the streets in this district of Antwerp have these great "falling snow" lights.

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"...supposed the Westmalle yeast"

This true.