Friday, June 5, 2009

Hong Kong Brew House (Updated)

The entrance

I got waylaid on my way here so I'm about 3 hours late. The address is that of a high rise building, but the pub is around back on basically an alley and a good view of a street called Lan Kwai Fong which is full of pubs and nightclubs. It could be a great place to people watch.

The Bar

This is not an actaul brewery but more of a tap room for the Hong Kong Brewing Company.
In addition to three beers from HKBC the have Stella, Leffe Blond and Hoegaaeden on draft. The bottle is decent , with lots of Belgians -- a 750ml Chimay Blue for US$12 and a magnum for about $30. Magnums of Duvel for the same.

But it is about 90 degrees and 90% humidity and no air con so I went with a glass of Hong Kong Beer -- a nice pale lager that is just a few IBU's short of Pilsener but very refreshing.

Hong Kong Beer

Other house beers are Too Soo Brew and Aldrich Bay Pale Ale. The menu lists a seasonal but none was available today.

More later, my beer is getting warm!

Update: I was in need of food, so I took a look at the menu and its one that could be found at any pub in US: Burgers, pizza, some pasta and BBQ (ribs and chicken). Not what I came to Hong Kong to eat, so I had a bowl of soup (New England Clam Chowder) and some calamari. Both where very good and a bit spicy - which is different for the soup but it worked. Of course I had to have another beer, so I had a Too Soo Brew. It is a tad darker and maltier than the Hong Kong Beer and less bitter but a bit of hop flavor in the finish. A very nice beer.

Too Soo Brew

I probably should have had a full glass of the Aldrich Bay Pale Ale but when they gave me a sample it was a bit warmer -- not bad because it is an ale and should be served warmer -- but with the heat and humidity I wanted something cold.

I'll leave you with some photos I took on the way over. I am staying in Kowloon but the Brewhouse is on Hong Kong Island, so I took the Star Ferry over. Talk about a time warp -- it looks as if it is unchanged for the past 100 years. And the fare at HK$1.80 (about a quarter US) is also a blast from the past...

Star Ferry with Hong Island in the background

I've been involved with sign ordinances in a couple of cities in the LA basin. It's clear they don't have issues here as business seem to just extend their signs as far as they like -- even completely across the street.

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