Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off to Germany... Maybe / Maybe Not

Well, we were all scheduled to head of to Germany on Friday for nine days or so (weather permitting) of bike riding around Bamberg. This was planned to be bicycling trip with She Who Does Not Drink Beer, so I was planning on doing most of the posting on my other blog The Mad Brewer.

So I turn on the news and see that Iceland has blown up or something and it is causing havoc with transatlantic flights. We are flying thru Detroit (Delta) and our Frankfurt flight is scheduled to leave (and arrive) on time, something I don't believe. The same flight today is still sitting on the ground and is now schedule to leave 3 hours late and arrive 4 1/2 hours late.

Most of Lufthansa's flights from the US were canceled today and most US carriers canceled their flights to Frankfurt.

So I'll let you know what happens. My fear is that they tell us to go ahead and we get to Detroit and are stuck there for days on end.

Update: Well, we were canceled on Friday and rescheduled for Tuesday, but as I write this Sunday morning that is looking iffy. If Tuesday is canceled as well I will reschedule for late May/Early June -- the weather will be nice then anyway.


Anonymous said...

i hope you get there on time. i enjoy reading of your adventures.

cambria said...

I'm totally jealous of your beer life. I hope you make it to Germany soon! Sip one for me?