Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 -- Drinking Beer in Bamberg. (updated)

The day is young, the beers are many, victory is assured and updates will come.

Fässla LagerbierPils

Cafe Abseits

Haberstumpf Fasten-Bock

Schlenlerkla Eiche Double Bock

Mönchambacher Lagerbier

Schneider "Tap 5" a/k/a "Hopfen Weisse"

Mahr's Bräu

a U

Der Weisse Bock

Klosterbräu Bock

Not shown: Hausbräu Stegaurach.

I'll leave you with a non-beer, touristy photo...


mike004 said...

I'm being pedantic here...
Isn't the first photo of Faessla pils? The lagerbier is usually served in a glass with a handle.
The pils is usually served in a straight glass with gold rim, as shown.
The Klosterbrau bock looks inviting.

The Mad Brewer said...

Mike you are right -- I was madly updating and got ahead of myself. Post corrected. Glad you are keeping me on my toes :)

Anonymous said...

say hello to Lilo!