Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zythos Day Two (updated)

The group of us who usually travel to this fest have a tradition dating back to the predecessor event -- the 24 Hours of Belgian Beer. On the Sunday morning of the fest we drink lambics, starting off with fruitier Kreik and Framboos and as our mouth wakes up, slide on into Gueze and if we're lucky, Oude Lambic. The problem this time was all the people working the lambic booths were either more hung over than I or were walking around the fest drinking other beers -- because it was hard to get a beer from them. The 2nd Kriek was Boon Oude Kriek and I let it go at that. Lip service to the tradition, at least.

Boon Oude Kriek

Until they perfect Smell-O-Vision over the internet you'd have no way of knowing, but the following beer has some serious hops. Its the Troubador Magma and it would be at home at any IPA fest in California. My understanding is they used a high alpha Czech variety for bitterness and Simcoe to finish. A very nice beer, but not what I came to Belgium to drink. Bud I did get my hop fix, big time.

Troubador Magma

Lorenzo Dabove -- the "Beer Pope of Italy" invited me over for a tasting of Maltus Faber beers. The brewer (and I am sorry, I didn't catch his name) brought 8 different styles, ranging from a Pale Ale to Triple to a Barley Wine. All were good and the Extra Brown was one of the better beers I tasted at the fest.

Maltus Faber Beers

Massimo Versaci, co-owner of Maltus Faber

Soon it was time to head back to Antwerp, as I had an early train to catch. I'll leave you with a last shot of the festival hall.

Final shot of the fest

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