Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4 -- Düsseldorf to Bamberg

We had a quick beer at the Uerige stand in the Carsch Haus (where rumour has it, may close when the lease is up next year) before catching the subway and then the train. Trip was uneventful -- which is a good thing. We hit 304 kph at one stretch, which may be a record for me :)

John being young and an outdoor-sy type, thought we should walk to where we are staying -- Frank Wetzel's rental apartment on Schrottenberggasse. I agree, so long as it wasn't raining (it wasn't). On the way we stopped at Fässla and dropped off a couple bottles of Sticke for Roland Kalb (son of the owner). He had heard talk of it but never had tasted it. We got a couple glass of Gold-Pils in return. A fair trade for me, but John carried the bottles! The beer was very nice and fairly clean -- Occasionally Fässa has some problems with diacetyl but none this time.

Being fairminded as we are, in was our duty, having drunk in Fässa to also drink a beer across the street at Spezial. So we did. It was great as usual. They still had signs up for their bock beer, but had run out of draft just last week and had only bottles. So the bock waits for another day.

After dropping our luggage at the apartment, if was down the street to Schlenkerla for a couple. (They two still had Bock in bottles). John called it a night after that but I went down to Der Pekikan for a Huppendorfer (from Brauerei Grasser). This usually is a beer I liked, but this one was off -- a burnt raisin-y note that made the beer hard to finish. I did, but it was work.

No pictures -- didn't take any on Thursday.

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