Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 5 -- Bamberg. Part I

John thought we should go for a walk -- to Bischberg and Brauerei Sonne. Walk? Ride a bike or take the bus -- yes, but walk? "Come on, it will be good for you" he said. So we walked -- and walked, and walked. It took less than a hour, so it can't have been too far. It did make the Zwickelbier taste very good when arrived. It tastes good when you take the bus so I don't give all the credit to the walk.

John wanted to take the bus to Schesslitz to visit the two breweries there, so we did take the bus back to Bamberg. We got off at Deutsches Haus which was the closest this bus went to the train station (where most of the buses to the country side depart). Deutches Haus is also a major bus stop and it turned out the Schesslitz bus stopped there and the next one left in about 45 minutes. Did I mention that Deutches Haus is two doors up from Brauerei Spezial? So you can guess where we spent the time. We split an U and a bottle of Bock. The U was a delightful as ever, fresh and refreshing. The bock was also good, but showed a little sign of oxidation -- but you had to really look for it. It was smoked, but the malt flavor dominated.

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