Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bamberg -- Day 5 Part II

So we get to Schlesslitz and the first stop is Bart Senger. If you haven't been there before, you should go. It reminds me of sitting in somebody's living room, with a bunch of neighbors all having a good time. It is a very small place and it was almost full when we got there. We got the usual "who are these guys" sort of look you always get when strangers walk into a neighborhood kind of bar -- not hostile -- not unfriendly even -- just curious. Anyway, no pictures because it just didn't seem right. It was somebody's living room, after all :) Oh, and the beer was great, but you probably figured that. It was served from a wooden keg on the counter and was dark brown in color.  And at €1.70 for half liter glass, a very good deal. 

Next down the street to Brauerei Drei Kronen, run by the Lindner family. The place was empty (it had just opened for the evening session). The lager bier was as good as ever. For some reason this picture shows it as being fairly dark but it really is quite a bit lighter.

Then back to the bus stop to catch the bus back to Bamberg. The bus to and from Schlesslitz goes thru Memmelsdorf, so we decided to get off and have a quick beer at another Brauerei Drei Kronen, this one run by the Straub family. Herr Straub greeted us and took us to a table and told us about his Christmas beer, Balthasar. I had one of those and John had the smoked beer, the Stöffla.

The Stöffla is lightly smoked using Weyermann smoked malt. Its a good example of the "revived" smoked beers in the area, but I still like Spezial better. The Balthasar was almost a bock, unfiltered and a much hoppier than I expected.  I was good enough I had a schnitt for the road -- and we missed our bus and had to wait for the next one. But the beer was worth it.

An uneventful trip back to Bamberg, where we got off next to Spezial and of course, had to re-calibrate our palate.

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