Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Week Until London

Next week I head off to London to visit the Great British Beer Festival, tour pubs in and around London and make a short excursion to Derby. Why Derby? Well we asked some beer friends for a recommendation of a city with interesting beer and the first one to answer suggested Derby, so off we go.

I've been to this festival 4 times previously, and it is one of my favorites. You have to (obviously) like British beer (hey, warm(-ish) and flat(-ish) is a feature not a bug!) but they also have good selection of Continental beers (Belgian, Germany, Netherlands, Czech, etc.) as well as some good American beers. Why go all the way to London to taste an American beer? Well, they mostly have real ale from smaller East Coast breweries and they don't make it out to California very often, so it is a chance to try something new.


Barm said...

Have you been to Sheffield before? It is also a terrific place for beer, though Derby is probably prettier.

The Mad Brewer said...

I haven't been to Sheffield, but will add it to the list, along with another recommendation, Norwich.