Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arrived in London

After check in my room (Goldsmid House, University College of London) I walk around the corner where there is a Wetherspoon's pub, The Willow Walk

The Willow Walk across from Victoria Station
 Choosing somewhat at random, I chose the Acorn Brewery Kashmir. It is hard to see in the picture but it has a nice dark red color and was nicely hops (for a British beer).

Acorn Brewery Kashmir

I was waiting for Tom to arrive, so I had another. This time choosing Cotswold Spring's Codrington Codger.

Cotswold Spring Brewery Codrington Codger

A nice amber beer with a hint of hops in the finish. Just as I was finishing it, in walked Tom. So I had another beer. A Nethergate Old Growler. This was the Champion Winter Beer of 2003

Nethergate Old Growler Porter
It was nearly 7pm, so some food was in order. We both ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, a Wetherspoon's standard.

Chicken Tikka Masala
It was still light out, so we walked down the street to a new place, the Cask Pub and Kitchen. It came highly recommended by some local beer friends, and I could see why.

Cask Pub and Kitchen
They had a dozen cask real ales and at least that many, if not more, of keg beers, mostly US imports plus a good selection of Mikkeller beers (why nominally Danish, their beers are brewed all over Europe).

An Oyster Stout caught my eye, so I had to try it. It's from the Whitstable Brewery, a small brewery in Kent. It was nice, but not nearly as rich as the Porterhouse Oyster Stout.

Whitstable Brewery Oyster Stout

Tom had a Saltaire South Island Pale Ale, a pale ale brewed with New Zealand hops. At only 3.5% it was a very tasty session beer.

Saltaire South Island Pale Ale
Tom was ready to call it a night, but I was up for one  more, so he watched me drink a Dark Star Hophead, an old favorite. It come in at 3.8% but has a nice hoppy finish. But I think the Saltaire was better.

Dark Star Hophead
That was it, back to the rooms and a fresh start tomorrow.