Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GBBF Starts

Didn't really take an photos of the first day. Too busy walking around and talking to people.

I will make one comment: In past festivals they organized the British beers basically by region. You could go to one place and try all the Scottish beers or the Yorkshire beers.

This year (and I guess last year, but I wasn't there) they are grouped alphabetically by county, with, say counties starting with letters A,B,C at Bar W6. Then once you get there, there is no indication of the location of the breweries. You have to read the program to find out the details. I guess that is the intention, but it makes it hard for a visitor who wants to try a particular regional style.

I hope they change it back the old way.

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Anonymous said...

Labels for ALL beers are needed to show derivation please. Guess Bugsy is the guy to ask politely.