Thursday, October 11, 2012

We interrupt this post on Pittsburgh for breaking beer news...

... I will finish up with the great time I had a Church Brew Works and Kaya, but I've run out of time and the next beer trip starts in the morning.

I am off to Düsseldorf for a few days. On Tuesday, zum Uerige will be serving their twice annual strong Altbier (called Sticke) and as it is their 150th Anniversary this year, I felt obligated to attend.

Normally this time of year there is a whole group that goes ("Sticke Warriors Beer Tour") but every four years we go in December instead and this is that year. So I actually will get to taste Sticke when it is fresh and then again in December after it has been aged a couple more months (as they always save a keg for us when we come in December)

So stay tuned...

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