Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kind of an Off Day in Dublin

Probably over did it Thursday for a first day in country. No probably about it.

So Friday was a slow start. I walked over to the other side of Trinity College to check out a place called Kennedy's. It looked to be a nice pub but as it was lunch time it was packed and I couldn't find a seat. There were some craft beers on tap but nothing I wanted to wait for, so I headed on.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I walked over to the Ginger Man. I hadn't been here is years. It never had that great a selection but I think now it is even less. Those beers they did have were Franciscan Well and since I've now learned they may be brewed in England I'm less interested. Oh well.

So I walked over the Porterhouse Central for a bowl a soup and some beers. They had their Hop Head on cask so went with that.

Porterhouse Hop Head

After that I had another beer, but since I've already posted a photo I didn't bother. You can probably figure out which one.

Next I hopped a bus headed towards the Guinness factory. On a corner on Thomas Street is Arthur's Pub.

Arthur's Pub

A very cozy and friendly looking pub. They had a mixture of beers, the usual range if Industrial Beers and 6 or so craft beers. One the taps said Metalman Windjammer so I ordered that. Later I received a tweet from the brewery that they haven't brewed with Windjammer in a year a or so, so the beer was probably just the Pale Ale. It was tastily, nevertheless.

Metal man Pale Ale (probably)

Then a couple of things happened -- my camera started acting flaky and so did my stomach (though not it the way you think -- but I'll spare you the details). So I decided to hop a bus back to the hotel. There I got things squared away but that short nap before going for dinner turned into 12 hours of sleep. I guess I was behind the curve.

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