Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Arrived in Prague

After a number of delays I finally arrived in Prague. I had arranged a driver from Prague Airport Transit ,(which I highly recommend if you need a ride to or from the airport). I'd had this driver many times and his first comments "So Fred, you're finally back in town for some beer?"

After checking in and resting for a bit, I headed out for a beer or three. First stop Hostomická Nalévárna, one of Hostomice taprooms in Prague,

A tiny, two room pub they always have at least 3 Holomice beers on draft (10º and 12º pale lagers and a 14º dark lager) plus the occasional special brew.

Walking in it was if the past three years hadn't happened -- there was hockey on the TV and many of the same regulars, A few of them even remembered me and came over to talk.

I started off with my favorite, the 12º světlý ležák. It did not disappoint.

Next up the desítka or 10º pale lager. This one had a touch of diacetyli that isn't usually found in the Hostomice beers. Still delicious and very drinkable but not perfect.

I was a bit hungry so I ordered Hermelín -- Camembert like cheese marinated in oil with peppers and onions, This is a common Czech pub snack as it doesn't require refrigeration or cooking. It hit the spot

I decided I might as well try the third beer, the Tmavý 14º. It did not disappoint.

I thought about having another 12º but decided to move on. But I didn't make it out the door without sharing shots of Becherovka (Czech herbal spirit) with the bartender.

Back towards my hotel was a place with the unusual name of Minerest.

A friend had stumbled upon it just after my last trip to Prague. A one room pub with seven beers on draft. It had been raining when I left the hotel so I had a jacket with me. When I came up to the bar I set the jacket on the bar. The bartender immediately should a string of Czech which I am sure translated to "Were you born in a barn? Hang up your jacket over there" while she pointed at a coat rack. Made me feel right at home.


I ordered the Rampušak 12º Světlý Ležák kvasnicový nefiltrovaný. (unfiltered and kräusened)

The mug unfortunately was from a different brewery -- they lose a style point on that. The beer was nice, fairly soft and tasty but not up to Hostomice standards -- but then again few beers are.

I thought it interesting that 6 of the taps where "regular" but the Pilsner Urquell was on a side pull tap. You could see one drawback to side pulls -- they take up more space, otherwise they could have 8 beers on tap.

I was enjoying myself, so I ordered the Lambert 12º Polotmavý ("half dark" == amber)

It was a little on the bland side -- nothing objectionable but didn't excite me. It could have been my jet lagged taste buds were giving out. I decided to move on.

Minirest is about half a block from the Masarykovo nádraží train station (lots of commuter rail) and they have schedule board above the door. So you know if you have time for one more before your train.

Around the corner from Minirest in a new place called PULT. It is owned by the Ambiente group, the people behind the Lokál chain.

They have 9 beers on tap. I believe the first.6 are relatively fixed.

I've had many Matruška beers but never the Dvanáctka (12º( so I ordered one

A very nice beer.  There were some interesting kegs that I assume were coming up next...

When I ordered the beer, the bartender asked if I wanted anything to eat. I pointed to a sausage thingy and asked what that was. He looked confused, as in why am I even asking. "That's a hot dog."  Oh. I ordered one anyway...

It was good 

I was looking at the bottles in the display fridge behind the bar when a familiar label jumped out.

But then I saw it was the Schlenkerla Weizen so I passed and called it a night.

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