Thursday, May 26, 2022

Day One in Prague: Nové Město

I can't be 100% sure I staying within the bounds of Nové Město, but I believe most of these pubs are within the bounds

I started off at my favorite place for drinking Pilsner Urquell, Jelínkova Plzeňská Pivnice.

It is a small two room pub. The front room has the taps and a standing bar. The rear room has benches along the walls and tables. I went to the back room and ordered a beer (they only have the one, so it easy)

The do the traditional way of keeping track of your beers, marks on a paper. The beer was good, cold and fresh. So I had another.

 You can tell this is a different picture by the tally on the paper.

Prices sure have gone up Kč 58 per beer. I was outraging until I realized it still is just of $2/beer. Hard to complain, really.

I hopped a tram and soon was at U Šumavy

There is a similar layout -- the front room has the taps and places to set your beer while standing and then a larger rear room with tables.

A few of the taps were dry, which was usual. I decided on the Albrecht 10º

I liked it better than the Hostimice 10º which is unusual for me. It was lunch tine so using Google translate I ordered chicken and mushrooms with rice. Very tasty.

On the way I had passed Pivovarský Dům,  the oldest brewpub in Prague (1998). I knew the Benedict brewery had taken over their sister pub  Pivovarský Club but I didn't realize they had taken over Dům as well

I really like the Benedict 12º so I went in and had one.

It didn't disappoint. I would like to have stayed for another, but there are pubs to visit

I learned later that Pivovarsy Dům will be closing at the end of the month. After a unspecified period of "reconstruction" something new will open in its place. No mention of what, could be a McDonalds for all I know. I hope it is a good beer place but I'm not holding my breath.

A short walk up a hill is the new location of Kulový Blesk

They moved a year or so ago and the new location is smaller, fewer taps and they no longer have a kitchen, which is a shame because they had good food.

Bad Flash is a joint venture between Kulový Blesk and Zlý Časy and they have a lot of Bad Flash beers

Sticking with my goal of no IPA's I chose the Bad Flash světlý ležák12º

Clean and refreshing, I quite enjoyed it. But it was time to move on to the next place.

In the Before Times one of my favorite places was a small pub called Illegal Beer. A year ago or so they surprised everybody in deciding to close. It wasn't (directly) the pandemic, the husband and wife team who owned just decided they wanted to move on.

I was happy to hear that a new pub, Beer and Friends, had opened in the venue.

The interior was pretty much unchanged. The tap list trended a towards what I call "modern" styles, IPAs, sours, flavored beers, etc.

But they had one traditional style, Falkenštejn světlý ležák 11º

It was a fine beer, but probably would rank last today (so far).

A walk down to the nearest tram stop and a short tram ride and another walk and I was at a new place that I just learned about: Mysliš? -- yes the question mark is part of the name.

It didn't really look open but the door was unlocked and I went in. I gather the person who was supposed to open up hadn't made it and the called in a backup. It was almost an hour after posted opening time but they were still getting set up. But they were serving.

They were coming off of a Sibeeria Tap Takeover so choices were limited.  I hope to be visiting the Sibeeria brewery on Monday so I would have like more choices but that is life :)

If you've been paying attention you'll know what I had: the Sibeeria Everyday Life světlý ležák 12º

They have a very interesting layout of the taps.

The interior is a bit between living room comfortable and Industrial Chic. The main table is supported from the celling 

All in all, I liked it and will certainly return on another trip.

On the way back I passed U Medvídků, which is Budweiser Budvar place, with their own small brewery in the back. They cater to tourists and I find the service often to range from indifferent to surly, so I haven't been in awhile. They tried the scam of saying "Welcome to Prague" and offering a shot of Becherovka but it wasn't free and if you took it, you were charged an excessive price.

However, my stomach said "feed me" so I went in for a beer and dinner.

The beer was in good shape and I didn't see the scam so maybe they got the hint. I ordered the goulash for dinner and it was tasty but not really hot (temperature wise)

The beer is served from tanks (Tankovna) which are on display on the way to the restrooms.

I thought about stopping for a night cap at Minirest, but as the tram passed I could see in the door and somebody was sitting on my barstool so I took it as a sign and called it a night.

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