Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday, May 9

In the afternoon the school organized a bike ride to the Schmausen Keller, outside of Reundorf. This is the keller of Brauerei Müller (in Reundorf) and is famous for one of the most scenic views of any bierkeller in the area. Plus the beer is fairly good, too.

I started off the day with a visit to the new Fässla Keller, formerly the Maisel Keller, located adjacent to the now closed Maisel brewery on Moostrasse in Bamberg.

Along the way to Reundorf, we crossed the Regnitz river in a ferry that is primarily for bicycles (pedestrians are allowed, but its a long way from anyplace that regular pedestrians would go)

When we got back to Bamberg it was still light, so we headed to Spezial Keller on the Stephansberg to watch the sunset. As the sun was setting a hot air balloon floated by...

I waited too long at the Spezial Keller because it started to storm -- thunder and lightning and heavy rail. On the way home I had to run from pub to pub during the lulls. It took me a long time to get home.

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