Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, May 3

The plan for today is Geisfeld (two breweries), Rossdorf on Forst for the Braunbier at Brauerei Sauer and then back to Bamberg, hopefully in time for an Ottobier at Stihlbruch.

If you head for Mahrs/Keesmann and keep going on Wunderberg it becomes Geisfelder Strasse. Its a simple ride (in terms of directions) and only about 6 mi. However there is about a 100 ft climb. Since most of my riding is on the beach in LA I am a little out of condition for hills. But I made to the top of the big hill just outside of Geisfeld, but the bench at the top was most welcome. You have a great view of both Bamberg on Geisfeld

View of Bamberg from outside Giesfeld

View of Geisfeld from the same hill

Friday outside Brauerei Krug, Geisfeld

Lunch at Brauerei Krug: Schinken mit Ei and Krug Rauchbier.

Off to Griess Keller (Brauerei Griess) for a couple beers and then to Rossdorf.

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