Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beer Trip Approaching

Well, it's October and that means it's time to head to Europe and drink some beer. No, not Oktoberfest, that is for amateurs -- the worlds largest fraternity party.

This year it is the usual -- Bamberg (with a day trip up to Leipzig), Cologne/Düsseldorf (for Uerige Sticke on October 18), Antwerp (with day trips to Brussels and Gent) and finally Dublin.

Not anything new in the list, you'll find posts on all of those cities somewhere on this blog, but hopefully we'll drink some new beers, meet some new friends and re-visit some old friends (beer and people).

So stay tuned....

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Gerrit (@geo21481) said...

Give my regards to Gerhard at Café Abseits…

And don't miss Andy Gänstaller's “Zoiglstube” [1] in Straßgiech! A brewer with god-given talent… and his wife does Franconian cuisine à la bière… so good. Beware, though: opening hours are somewhat limited at the moment!

[1] http://www.zoiglstube.net/