Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking Around Brussels, Drinking Beer

St Idesbald Triple and Rulles Triple at Delerium Cafe

Lambix Deux at A La Becasse

Spaghetti with Ham and Cheese at A La Becasse

Au Soleil

Zinnebir at Au Soleil

Finially a session at the new Moeder Lambic...

Schelde Brouwerij N Toeback and Saison Joisin

Jandrain-Janrenoille VI Wheat and IV Saison

Kerkomse Tripel and Brasserie de la Senne Jambe de Bois
Next was three beers from the Italian brewery Toccalmatto: Zona Cesarini, Surfing Hop and the Last Witch. The Last Witch was the Last of The Keg so it was too yeasty to really enjoy.

ThreeToccalmatto Beers: Surfing Hop, The Last Witch and Zona Ceasarini

Gueze Tilquin and Cantillion  Gueze

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Emily said...

Hello there!

I recently stumbled across your bit in the blogosphere and as someone who lives in Brussels and loves beer, I definitely approve of what you're doing. Safe travels!