Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day Two in Bamberg

Today the rest of the group was arriving, one at a time, of course. We met Jeff downstairs (at Spezial) had a beer and decide to have lunch across the street at Fässla.
Fssla Pils and Lagerbier

They have two draft beers: Lager and Pils. People usually are fans of one or the other and for me it is usually the Pils. This time though, the Lager was better -- the Pils wasn't quite as crisp in the finish as it usually is. The schnitzel was great, though.

Fssla Schnitzel

We headed back across the street to Spezial to await Jim, who we expected between 1pm and 2pm. He arrived and of course he had to have a beer or two 

We Jim was suitably refreshed, we headed down to Schlenkerla. After a minor financial criss (ATM sucking the money back to quickly) we arrived a Schlenkerla to find they had not yet put on the keg of Ur-Bock, so we had a Märzen. Our taste buds were in much better shape this afternoon as the massive hit of smoke we all know love was there from the first sip.

Eventually Sam arrived and I went with him to show him the way to the apartment where he was staying. It was getting close to dinner time so we walked over to Klosterbräu. 

Klosterbräu has a very good kitchen but the beers are very variable. They were on the downside this time -- drinkable, but just. The dinner was very good. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures, though.

After dinner those who had arrived in Europe today decided it was time to call it a night and they went back to their respective rooms. The rest of us walked up the Stefansberg to Stöhrenkeller for a night cap.

They had two beers on draft as usually -- Drei Kronen Strassgiech (a/k/a Ganstaller Bräu) Kellerbier and Keesmann Bock.
Drei Kronen Kellerbier
The Kellerbier was very nice -- maybe a little bit on the sweet side but not so much it distracted from the great flavor. The Keesmann Bock was good but like the Schlenkerla Ur-Bock was not quite up to last years high standard. But it was good enough to have a second one so we did.

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