Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Two in Bamberg

Sunday turned out quite nice, weather-wise. Warm and mostly sunny. There was supposed to be rain in the forecast (and I felt a few drops in the morning) but it didn't come to pass. 

I headed out to Spezial for a light lunch.

Soup and a beer (Leberknodelsuppe and Lagerbier). Just enough to take the edge off ones hunger.

After another beer for desert, I headed down to Mahr's Bräu, hoping to try Der Weisse Bock -- Mahr's Lenten wheat bock. When I got there I saw the sign and got my hopes up...

...but alas, they had sold out. It was to early for the "U" so I had the helles...

 ...which was quite nice. As you can see from the picture, I was sitting outside in the courtyard. The tables in direct sunlight were all full, but it was warm enough that the shady ones were also nice.

By the time I was ready for another beer, the "U" had been tapped.

Last year I was a bit disappointed in the U but this was up to the old standards. So I had another.

I was about to head out but I saw one of the regulars who I had spoken with many a time. He only drinks the regular Mahr's Weisse, so inspired by him, I decided to have one. It has been many years since I had the regular wheat beer. It was quite nice: a bit of estery banana in the nose but none in the taste and nicely tart and just enough phenolics ("clove") to make it interesting. I won't wait years for my next one, that is for sure.

One of the think that impresses me about Mahrs is they brew both very good lager and wheat beers.

Gotta run -- my bicycle is ready -- enjoy the pictures --- you can figure out the story, I'm sure.

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