Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Day (for me) of the GBBF

The fest runs thru Saturday, but starting Friday it gets very crowded, so we usually go pub walking instead.

My tradition is to drink ciders and perries on the last day. I started off with a couple of Welsh Perries that were quite nice.

Welsh Perries
 I had a couple more English perries and one cider that was aged in an Irish Whiskey Cask -- that one was interesting but half a pint was more than enough.

Lunch was Chicken Tikka and a couple of porters from Cornwall.

Chicken Tikka and porters for lunch

The rest of the afternoon was trying all the porters and stouts I had missed the other days. Soon the hall was so crowded you had to fight your way to the front to get a beer. That is the signal to leave.

So I had once last beer. It was the only full pint I ordered at the fest and the only non-British beer: Schlenkerla Märzen from Bamberg, gravity fed from a wooden barrel. They don't go thru it as fast here as they do in Bamberg so it was not quite as fresh but still very nice.

Schlenkerla Märzen
I'll leave you with a final shot of hall just as we were leaving....


Friday will be more walking around London, drinking beer.

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