Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday Afternoon in London

Passage to the old Mitre

The Old Mitre

Gales Seafarer Ale

Dark Star 80 Shilling

The Cellar at the Olde Mitre

The Cellar at the Olde Mitre

Cask Beers at Olde Mitre

Highland Brewery Orkney Blast

Castle Pub

Some hand pumps at the Castle Pub

Raw Brewing Dark Peak Stout

Beer board at Castle Pub

The Knights Templar

The Bar at the Knights Templar

Salopian Darwins Origin

The Porterhouse


Cask Pub and Kitchen

It was "meet the brewer" night at Cask Pub and Kitchen. The beer of honor was Weird Beard which had a range of really tasty beers.

Weird Beard Black Perle Stout

Weird Beard Mariana Trench

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