Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday afternoon in London

In the Bermondsey district of London (on the South Bank of the Thames, east of Tower Bridge) is a set of elevated railroad tracks that was built quite a long time ago. As such, from the ground level it is a seemingly unending stretch of brick arches. These arches are rented out to business, typically things like auto mechanics, machine shops, wholesalers of various sorts, etc. They are now home to three small breweries and they all have open houses on Saturday where you can buy their beer directly, either to drink there or to take home with you.

The first one we visited is the oldest and largest of the three, the Kernel Brewery

The Kernel Brewery's Arch

The only sign

Kernel London Sour

Kernel IPA with Galaxy and Citra
Export India Porter

Somewhere in the is a brewery
We headed over to the second brewery, Partizan and stopped for some fish and chips. This building has been selling fish since the 1870's, first as fishmonger than as a fish shop. Fish was great, fries were good.

Some great fried fish here.

Partizan Brewery

In the back is an open fermenter with a big yeast head

Partizan Pale Ale with Citra and Columbus
The third brewery, Brew by Numbers (or BBNo as they style it) is the newest and has just been open a couple of months.

Brew by Numbers Brewery

Brew by Numbers

Brew by Numbers Golden Ale
We headed back to Central London and stopped at the Holborn Whippet, a new pub that is connected with the Euston Tap. They use the same dispensing system for their cask beers.

Holborn Whippet
Redemption Fellowship Porter

Tiny Revolution Hank