Monday, August 3, 2009

Day Six, London

You know the drill -- pictures for now, words later...

The Knights Templar, a Wetherspoons Pub on Chancery Lane

Hayes Golden Find Weltons Rip Tide, Cottage Silver Shadow

The interior of the Knights Templar, a former bank.

The Seven Stars, near Chancery Lane

One must follow the rules...

Two Dark Star beers, Hophead and Old Chestnut.

The Edgar Wallace

Crouch Vale Amarillo, O'Hanlon's Fire Fly Bitter, Hammerpot HPA

Edgar Wallace Pale Ale, Nethergate Ashes Ale

The hand pumps at the Edgar Wallace.

The interior of the Edgar Wallace

The Freemason's Arms, near Covent Garden

Three Shepherd Naeme beers: Whitstable Bay, Master Brew and Bishops Finger

The Montague Pyke a Wetherspoons pub we stumbled across

Half of the taps at Montague Pyke

El Goods Mad Dog, Harvistoun's Scheilhallon (unfiltered lager)

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney Downs, London

Milton Babylon and Sparta

Milton Nero, Pottbelly Brewery Wickstead

Franconia Beer Coster poster. The last place I expected to find one.

About 25% of the Pembury -- it is a giant place

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