Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day Twelve, Burton-upon-Trent

First a procedural note: The hotel's internet service is flakey. I've uploaded Sunday's pictures and hopefully will get Mondays up soon as well.

We took a short train ride over to Burton-upon-Trent to visit the birthplace of pale ale. The most shocking thing was the Coors logo plastered all over the remaining large breweries. I knew Coors had acquired some British breweries when (then) InterBrew was forced by the EU to sell some, but I hadn't realized they were the old Bass breweries!

First stop was the Cooper's Tavern, across the street from one of the old breweries (now with Coors all over the place)

Cooper's Tavern, Burton-upon-Trent

Great old etched glass window

First three beers

Round Two

The Devonshire Arms, Burton-upon-Trent

Round One

Burton Bridge Brewery Porter

Burton Bridge Brewery

Pub Sign

Round One

A last beer, with Martin our guide in the background.

Casks at the back of the brewery

The Elms, Burton-upon-Trent

The Elms

Burton Cottage Inn

The first and last place we visited was the Cooper's Tavern, which is right across the street from one of the three former (now Coors) breweries. These photo's are from our return visit.
Back entrance to Coopers Tavern

Wem Cherry Bomb, Castle Rock Black Gold, Oakham Helter Skelter, Tower 3rd Anniversary

Innkeepers of the Cooper's Tavern

When we got back to Derby, we walked over to one of the Wetherspoon's pubs in town, the Standing Order for dinner and a pint.

The Standing Orders, Derby, England

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