Friday, March 11, 2011

Brauhaus 1516 Augsburg

When I've taken this trip before has followed the same itinerary -- basically get on the Zürich - Munich train and then switch in Munich to a train to Bamberg.

These tim the Deutsche Bahn website gave me a different connect -- get off the Zürich - Munich train in Buchloe then take a local train to Augsburg where I pick up the train to Bamberg. When I tried routing thru Munich there was a 3 hour layover turning an already long 6 hour trip to a 9 hour trek. Now finding ways to kill three hours in Munich is not hard (can you say "Weisses Bräuhaus?") but it would also cut into my Bamberg to time so I went with the recommended connections.

I had a little over 30 minutes in Augsburg so I decided to walk thru the station. I got out to the front plaza and looked to the left. There was a large sign at the end and all I could read was a big "1516." Now to beer geeks that is an instantly recognizable number, much as "1066" is to Brits or "1776" to fellow Yanks. So I walked down to check it out.

It turned out to be "Brauhaus 1516 Augsburg" and it was open. As I walked in there was lots of copper everywhere. The waited recommended the "haus bier" -- an unfiltered pale lager. I had no time to argue so I had one.

It was a pleasant if yeasty, beer. Much better than what I had in Switzerland. Not a bad way to wait for a train.

As I drank the beer I looked around. By the door was a large copper kettle -- a copper kettle. Like arms and legs and other body parts better not mentioned, brewkettles usually come in at least pairs. Coming out of the top was a couple of large copper pipes. I followed them along I realized the lead to taps behind the bar. Now either these folks had discovered a new brewing process or it was all for show. My money is on the latter.

Further research (consisting of turning over the beer coaster) revealed a connection to Meckatzer Löwenbräu in Meckatz near Lindau. Further research (reading the beer signs on the wall) tended to confirm this. Once connected to the internet I learned that Meckatzer brews a Zwickelbier -- which is likely what I had. In any case it was nice and certainly the best 15 minutes I've ever spent in Augsburg.

Note: my camera cable is buried in my luggage so pictures will have to wait until later.

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