Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Four in Bamberg

Just in case you think we were slacking Monday, not all the beers got their picture taken. Morning was laundry time and I didn't think anybody was interested in pictures of my laundry -- dirty or clean -- so I left the camera in the room. We ended up having lunch and couple of beers at Fässla so no pictures. Also, dinner was at Spezial and there were multiple Lagerbiers consumed but I figured pictures of one was enough.

After laundry and lunch -- where I did try the Fässla Lager -- it was slightly darker and maltier than the Pils and when it warmed up a bit there was a bit of diacetyl (buttery flavor) in the finish, which why I like the Pils more, we wandered over to Klosterbräu. It was fairly nice outside so we sat at the tables out front. 


We had the Braunbier and the Schwärzla -- the two beers they still brew. Normally I find the Braunbier the better of the two but not today. There was a little something in the finish of the Braubier that made it not that enjoyable. The Schwärzla was very drinkable.

Braunbier and Schwärzla from Klosterbräu

We walked along the river and canal, just taking in the sights. Somehow we ended up at Spezial so we went in for a beer...

Spezial U and Lager

I had the U and my Dad the Lagerbier. The U is not as yeasty as the Mahrs U and I waffle back in forth as to which I prefer. I've decided it's which ever one I've had last.

Spezial Märzen

They also have a Märzen on draft, so in the interests of science we had one. It is much darker and maltier  that the Lager I just not as enjoyable. So I had a couple more Lagers.

In this time we had dinner and it was getting late so we headed towards home. On the way we passed Schlenkerla and decided a nightcap was in order.

Schlenkerla Märzen
When we were finishing up Matthias Trum came by and he sat with us while I had a Fastenbier. Some news (don't know if it is a scoup) but they did a bottling of unfiltered Eiche, vintage dated, with the idea they will do each year and arrange multi-year vertical tastings. Sign me up!


Mandy said...

Stumbled across your blog today, doing a search for Fässla. I have also been to St. Gallen, had the same thoughts on the Schützengarten, although it makes for a better Rädler :) Enjoy your time here! Keep blogging!

Gerhard Schoolmann said...

Jahrgangsbiere sind eine tolle Idee. Dann könnte man endlich auch bei uns anfangen, den Jahrgang auf der Bierkarte mit anzuführen, wie z.B. auf der Bierkarte des "Akkurat" in Stockholm:

rudi said...

I like your blog!!!