Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Arrived in Antwerp

It was a hard flight, no fun wearing a mask for that long a time. But we all arrived safely. We checked in the hotel, dropped our bags, caught a quick lunch and heading for the Kulminator. We were the only ones there.
I ordered the Malheur 60 Blond, getting it confused the 6. It is a 10% abv beer with 60 IBUs. Very bitter and very good. So much for easing into the day.
The Het Anker Cuvée van de Keizer Blond was out, so I went with the regular version, a long time favorite. It didn’t disappoint, though it was a bit on the sweet side. Don’t know if it was that vintage or my memory had faded.
In addition to the lambics on the board, there are a few more that you can order.
One day I will start with the full sampler.
Time to try some new (for me) beers. I had read about the Rochefort Triple and that seemed a good place to start. I’m not sure what I expected, but I was supposed. I really enjoyed it and look forward to when we can buy it at home.
Some have never had the Westmalle Extra (the 4.8% “Monks Beer”) that monastery recently released to the public. Turns out the Kulminator also had a four year old one, from the days you could only get it at the monastery. Seemed like a comparison was in order.
The four year old one held up very well. The two beers were nearly identical, with just a bit of oxidation on the older one.
Being jet lagged is like being a shark — you have to keep moving or it is all over. So we decide to walk up to De Ware Jacob
The taps were as expected.
The guest beer as out, but that only effected our second beer.
I was having some camera issues, so the foam had settled a bit. That is on me — the pour was perfect.
Guy (the proprietor) mentioned he had the Chimay “Green Label” — the recently released version of their 150th Anniversary beer of. a few years back. I had to have one.
It did not disappoint, nicely hoppy and spicy and too easy drinking for a 10% beer.
Some of the others had the Tynt Meadows English Trappist, which also is very good. But I forgot to get a picture.
I had reached my limit, so I said I was headed back to the hotel. It was contagious, as everybody else decided it was time, too.
On the way, I stopped at my favorite kebab place in Antwerp, on Koningin Astridplein. It too, did not disappoint.
Pretty soon the rest of the group showed up for kebabs as well. There was some talk of them having a nightcap at Beerlovers, but I passed.

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