Saturday, October 16, 2021

Day Two in Antwerp

 An uneventful morning found me at the Kulmator just before noon. There were four of us and we all ordered an Orval

This one was about 2 years old, which is about how the ones we get in LA are. I had hoped for slightly newer, but Covid has messed up all kinds of things. When you are closed for a better part of a year you likely are not buying new stock. Anyway, it was a delightful beer.

As the others wondered in, they too were required to order an Orval as a first beer.

We decided to share a large bottle of Het Anker Cuvée van de Keizer. This was from 2018

It is a nice beer but even at 3 years old it was on the sweet side. I'll have to try and older one if I get a chance.

They also had Chimay Grande Reserve on draft, from 2017. I like the bottle version better (maybe because it is usually served warmer) but this was nothing to complain about.

We decided to head up to The Northerner, a relatively new pub that has great promise. It is a short ride on Tram 7.

It is down a narrow street, so hard to get a good picture of the front. This is the street.

The have eleven taps, nine of which are relatively fixed, one coating tap from Brussels Beer Project and a general rating tap. Both of these were New England IPAs, and even though they were from Belgian breweries, I didn't come all this way to drink NEIPA (pronounced "Nee-pa" here an in many European countries :) )

You can't go wrong with a Saison Dupont.

The food menu is a bit limited, cheese and meet snack plates and such. But they do serve a regular Croque  Monsieur and one made with pulled port and BBQ sauce. I ordered one of those and not only was it delicious, it was huge.

I followed it up with a Brasserie de la Sense Jambe de Bois Tripel, another long time favorite.

One thing I like at the Northerner is they have a board listing bottles that will soon be gone.

It was time to move on so we walked back to the tram stop and caught the number 7 tram again and soon were at Dr Beer

This is another relatively new place (2 years or so) that has great promise.  They have 8 taps and a huge bottle selection. All the bottles can also be sold to go. The have a large selection of beers from Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar -- don't know if that is a play on their name or because they are a good brewing making lots of interesting beers.

I chose the Dochter v/d Korenaar Finesse, which they describe as a Tripel but it really is more of a strong Amber ale, I think.

In any case, it was very tasty.

I was about to order the Dochter v/d Korenaar Belle-Fluer IPA when my brother said he was having trouble staying awake and was going to head back to the hotel. Since he is my little brother I thought it my duty to make sure he made it back. It is not because I too was tired and drifting off, no sir. I was strictly my duty to my brother. And if you believe that I have bridge I'd like to sell you...

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