Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sticke Day!

Always nice to have the day conformed...

The first Sticke arrives...

I have to say, at first sip I wasn't much of a fan, Sometimes there is some hop presence in the flavor, but not here. It also was very dry, so not a lot of malt in the finish. It wasn't bad, just seemed to be missing something special.

That being said, we didn't have any trouble drinking a bunch

The lunch meal on Tuesdays in Königsberger Klopse, so it too has become a Sticke tradition. Good as always.

After a few more beers we adjourned for a few hours for people to do errands, try some of the other beers in town. We convened back at Uerige at 4pm. It was drizzly, but warm so a few outside beers were in order.

Our reservation was at 5pm so we headed in to find out they changed the location of our table to the front room, where we had our morning session.

A few nears ago Ueroge bought the building next door and moved their fermenters and bottling line into it. The space freed up went to an expanded kitchen and they now serve a number or regular meals. I hadn't had a schnitzel yet this trip so I chose that.

Didn't expect one that size. You can't really see, but it is sitting on.a bed of fried potatoes. The salad was welcome but I think the Germans don't actually like lettuce -- it was drowning in dressing.

Drinking continued apace. I'm not usually into pictures of people but here is one of the group (minus the guy taking the picture)

We had two tables so a tally at each. A respectable total...


Across the street from Uerige is the Killepitsch Stube, where you can buy shots of the local herbal liqueur, called -- wait for it -- Killepitsch.

The local tradition is a shot of Killepitsch after a day of drinking altbier will forestall any hangover. But it must be the last alcohol of the day for it to work.

While walking back to the hotel I noticed a sign of things to come -- another brewery. They already contract brew and their bottles are available in local craft beer shops. Something to look forward to next year.

Survived another Sticke day. I think this makes 27 counting some January ones and such.

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