Saturday, February 14, 2009

Administrative Note

It may sound un-Patriotic of me, but Wireless Broadband service in the US sucks big time.

In every country in Europe where I've traveled it is possible to buy 3G wireless internet on a daily or monthly basis at a reasonable rate. But that is not possible in the US -- one must buy a monthly contract at $50-60 per month.

Why am I telling you this? The lack of wireless internet means that I can only "live blog" with my iPhone. While certainly better than nothing, it is not good for me. I have fat fingers so typing on the "soft keyboard" takes a long time -- I could be drinking beer instead. And the iPhone camera is not great in low light situations.

So I will make a short post with the iPhone and then later when I have internet access with my laptop I will update and expand on the short iPhone postings. So please scroll down and re-read what you may have already read -- it may have been updated. I will try and add "Updated" to the title, but I can't promise full compliance because I may be inebriated. And for those of you worried about it -- the car is parked for the duration and it is pubilc transport, taxis or Shank's Mare for us until Tuesday.

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