Saturday, February 14, 2009

SF Saturday Afternoon -- Another try at the Toronado

About 4:15 we arrived at the Toronado it it was just as packed as this morning. We talked to the doorman and he said it never let up.

We forced our way to the bar in the back room and managed to order a round of tasters, all from Alaskan breweries. We like the Big Nugget from Alaskan Brewery the best. But it was just to crowded, even to stand, so we gave up and walked over to Suppenküche on Hayes for dinner and German beer.


We ordered a round of beer: Schneider Weisse for me, Weltenburger Dunkel for Tom and Mike and Luis has a bottle of Mönchshof Kellerbräu from EKU in Kulmbach.

Weisse, Dunkel and Kellerbräu

We all ordered way too much food and ate way to much. It was all excellent. But we ate so much we had to go back to the room for a post dinner nap. We'll see if we make it out again tonight.

I'll leave you with a picture of the Rierson brothers perusing the menu...

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Prost from Coburg!