Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Budvar Bar

As part of the U Medvidku "complex" there is a dedicated Budvar Bar. The Guide says five kinds of Budvar, but now one tap is taken by Oldgott, brewed upstairs in the microbrewery. And one tap was dry so we were down to only three kinds but two were ones we'd not had before so all was good.

The three we had were the Budweiser Budvar tmavy lezak (dark lager), which we'd had the other day in the U Medvidku beer hall, the 10° sveltle wycepni pivo and the 12° krouzkovany lezak or "krausened lager", also called "yeast beer." The dry tap was the 12° svetly lezak (pale lager) we'l also had the other day in the beer hall.

The dark lager was as we remembered it from the other day -- a wonderful dark beer. It still is our favorite dark lager of the trip.

The yeast beer surprised me -- even though it was krausened, it was still filtered so it was crystal clear. The extra yeast action only added about .3% alcohol, but it tasted much dryer and bitter. It was still very enjoyable, but I'm not sure I liked it better than the regular 12° (it would have been nice to have them side by side).

But the star of the flight was the 10° pale beer. It comes in at 4% alcohol and was very soft and light yet still lots a malt flavor. This is a dynamite beer and a must have if you should visit the Prague or the Czech Republic.

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