Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Beer -- U Fleku (Updated)

It is too early to check in to our room so we hopped a number 14 tram and went to U Fleku.

We must have looked German because as we walked in the waiter asked "Zwei Bier?" After he brought us our beers another waiter came by and tried to sell us a shot of Czech schnapps. He was very persistent. This is a scam that U Fleku (and other restaurants) do to tourists. You are offered the schnapps on a tray and it looks like it might be for free, but it isn't and can be expensive. So just say no.

As for the beer, it was good but not outstanding. There was a little bit of dryness in the finish that was just on the edge of astringency -- not there but almost. The version I've drunk in Dusseldorf was better -- but the rumor is that was is contract brewed somewhere. As for the pub itself, it was very nice -- reminds me a bit of Schlenkerla in Bamberg in a way.

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