Monday, April 7, 2014

Well, This Really Sucked...

I realized I had never finished the trip.

It got worse -- I really didn't do anything Friday and Saturday except go downstairs for meals. I wasn't having any flu-like symptoms, I was just tired all the time and probably slept 15 hours a day.

Saturday was a big deal, because Spezial closes at 2pm -- so I had to walk all the way across the street to Fässla for dinner. I even missed the annual meeting of the Franconian Brewery Museum.

Luckily, I felt better Sunday and managed to make it to Mahrs for another Der Weisse Bock (much better from the bottle) and spent the rest of the afternoon in the Schwemme at Schlenkerla. Then back to Spezial for dinner.

Friday I had a 3pm train to Frankfurt. I stashed my suitcase in a locker at that train station and then had a nice lunch at Cafe Abseits.

In Frankfurt I had dinner at the same Malaysian restaurant where I ate in October. Then I was coming off 2 days in Salzburg and 3 days in Munich and the Bittburger with dinner tasted pretty good. I had the same dish this time and the Bittburger was pretty meh. It all goes to show Einstein was right -- things are relative.

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