Saturday, October 24, 2009


On Thursday we left Düsseldorf (and Germany) and headed for Belgium. We had a problem in Dordrecht where the train to Antwerp was late and then changed tracks without an announcement, so we got in a bit later than expected.

The gang waiting on the platform in Düsseldorf

Ian, Tim and Drew kicking back on the train

Antwerpen Central train station. The prettiest in Europe (that I've seen)

The Kulminator -- the center of the beer universe for many beer geeks.

Drew and Ian enjoying their first beer.

Our blind Triple tasting

The results. I am sad to say we didn't do very well. Triple Moine was the favorite

Eight years of Chimay waiting for us (1994 - 2008)

All lined up and ready to drink.

The just released Rodenbach Vintage 2007. Yummy.

Obligatory non beer picture -- statue of a dead guy

Train station from the outside (at a distance)

Ian continues his fascination with giant plastic farm animals

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