Monday, October 26, 2009

A visit to Westmalle

Just the cafe across the from the abbey, not the actual monastery and brewery. But first, a shot of the Antwerp Cathedral.

Antwerp Cathederal

We stopped for pre trip freshener at Oud Arsenaal. A bolleke of DeKonnick, of course.

The gang at Oud Arsenaal

There was an ad for a beer called Hopus so we had to try it. Not only did it have a cool glass, there was a separate shot glass for the yeast.

Hopus, with the yeast shot.

Drew downing the yeast shot

We walked to the bus station and caught the 417 bus to Westmalle.

Cafe Trappisten, across from the Abbey of Westmalle

Double and Triple (of course), No Westmalle Extra (the monk's single) though

For desert -- Trappist Ice Cream. Heavenly.

The front gate to the grounds.

Trappist cows?

What you can see of the abbey from the road.

Off for one last session at the Kulminator.

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