Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sticke Day, Part 2

I was too busy eating, drinking and talking to take many pictures of our evening Sticke session, but here is what I have.

zum Uerige

The back table: Erik, Bob, Drew and Ian (and Django's arm)

Table level view of stickebier

Andreas, Mannfred, Karin, Gunner, Travis, Sam and Paul

Ian about to attack his Schweinehaxe

Hilmar, our waiter and the gang,

Tim, Luis and Larry


mike004 said...

My first impression of your sticke photos is that Uerige doesn't look as crowded as I expected it. Did you have to book a table, or get there really early?

PS: Anyone notice if the Fleku pub was still open in D'dorf? I am going there in 3 weeks time.

Ron Pattinson said...

Are you going to be in Amsterdam soon?

The Mad Brewer said...

@mike004: Sadly, the Czech restaurant with the "Pilener Urquell Brauerei Ausschank" sign is gone, replaced by a shoe store. Didn't see U-Fleku anywhere else in the Altstadt, but didn't search actively.

@Ron: be there next week.