Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drinking Beer in Prague

Some pictures of our first days in Prague. I haven't figured out how to do the Czech special characters on my keyboard, so many names are technically misspelled.

Restaurant and Brewery U Medvidku

Jim, Fred, Tom and Luis drinking at the Pivni Bar at U Medvidku

Obligatory photo of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Pivovarsky Klub -- Beer bar, beer store and restaurant

Tom and Luis studying the beers from Pivovarsky Klub

Jim Drinking a Budweiser Bürgerbräu -- the other, other Budweiser

Prvni Pivni Tramway -- literally at the end of Tram 11

Luis, Mimi, Ruth, Paul and Fred at the Tramway

A great reflection of an old building in a new. A perfect description of Prague


Gunnar H said...

I'm happy to see you are having a good time in Prague. I'm waiting eagerly for your arrival in Bamberg. It's cold here, if you didn't already know, but the beer is great. Mahr's Bockbieranstich on Friday maybe? Or if y'all get here earlier, why don't join me on the hike to Trabelsdorf on Friday. Andreas is prepared to show you some of his tricks.

The Mad Brewer said...

@Gunner -- we'll be at Mahrs on Friday before 4pm. I will pass on the hike, but I'll ask the others.