Monday, October 12, 2009

First Beers in Prague

Around the corner from our hotel is U Medvidku -- a Budejovicky Budvar house plus a brewpub upstairs.

We had 3 kinds of Budvar plus two house beers. A good start.

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Rob Sterowski said...

How carbonated is the Budvar there? Over here it is often served ridiculously fizzy, similar to the crappy fizzy lagers it is supposedly competing against.

Anonymous said...

Prost from Coburg!

Unknown said...

Best I had on the Costa del Sol was a Tetley's. Every Irish bar I tried was out of Guinness, only had San Miguel on tap.

Have a great time guys!

The Mad Brewer said...

@Barm -- the beers here are not too carbonated. They pour half or so, let the foam settle, the pour some more. It takes longer but it worth it

Unknown said...
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