Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bamberg Day 1

We met for a beer at Fässla, then walked down to Keesmann to try their bockbier. It was very good, as usuall.

Tom, Luis and Jim enjoying a Keesmann Bock

Travis and Sam with a Herren Pils and Bock, respectively

When then crossed the street to Mahrs Bräu and had a few warm up Helles before they tapped the bock. The place gets very crowded so we went early to get a place in the Schwemme (hallway).

The gang in the Schwemme at Mahrs.

When the bock came, the first barrel was very over-carbonated and it was about 10 minutes before beers could be poured. It too was a pale bock, not as hoppy as the Keesmann but very drinkable.

After a couple of bocks, the place got really crowded so we walked back to the old town and had dinner and beers at Klosterbräu. The Braubier was on -- that is, it was good. It occasionally has a bit of a soapy taste that is not enjoyable, but tonight it was perfect.

Satuday is a visit to Cafe Abseits.


Rob Sterowski said...

Herren-Pils is one of the finest pilsners Germany has to offer. It's just perfect.

Anonymous said...

i have sat at that very table in the first pic lol

Heimdall said...

I was also at Mahr's at the same time on Saturday with my friends (excellent brewery with amazing beers). Before that we were enjoying the UrBock at Schlenkerla - amazing as well! On Friday we were at Klosterbrau, Spezial and Keesman.

BTW this was my 3rd visit to Bamberg this year :)