Monday, October 25, 2010

Bock Bier (Updated)

Sorry for the lack of posting -- to me arriving in Bamberg is coming home and I've taken so many pictures before I haven't really taken many this trip.

I though I would post some pictures of some of the bock biers we've tasted, but I realized there are four with no pictures: Fässla Bambergator, Keesmann Bock, Mahrs Bock and Rossdorfer Bock from Brauerei Sauer. To much fun drinking to take pictures...

Schlenkerla Ur-Bock. By far the favorite of the group.

Klosterbräu Bock

Beck (Trabelsdorf) Affumicator. A smoked double bock that is very nice.

And while not from Bamberg, we did have an Andechers Doppelbock.

And finally, a small bit of the Schlenkerla Eiche we tasted from the lager tank town the caves beneath the brewery.

Update: The Fässla Bambergator, which at over 8% is really deadly. The other missing bocks look pretty much the same as Klosterbräu -- just picture a different logo on the glass and you'll be close.

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