Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking around Leipzig -- Sinfonie

We headed for a highly recommended pub, Sinfonie.

They still use old (ex-DDR?) symbols on the traffic lights here in Leipzig. I tried to get pictures, but had no luck with my point-and-shoot camera, but there had a nice legend posted on some of posts:

After getting turned around a couple of times, we arrived at Sinfonie just after they opened.

I decided to take one for the team and order a Köstritzer, since it is a (relatively) local beer here. It did taste better than the last one I had in the US -- a bit more malt and roastiness in the finish but still that inky flavor I think comes from color beer. The Döllnitzer Gose was clearer here -- still unfiltered but almost bright. The ones at Ohne Bedenken were almost milky. Don't know if this means the kegs had settled more or what. In any case it was good.

They had another beer on the menu, Wernersgrünner Pils. So we had a small one for the table. It was very clean and soft with a nice hop bite (to our hop-deprived senses).

It was time for my Gose and we ordered a bottle of Berliner Weisse to go with it. I haven't tasted the Kindl in a while and it was not as sour and nasty (in a good way) that I remember from before. But then again, I've come to enjoy Oude Lambic so my tastes haven't been static.

A shot of the bar. This looks like a great place and I would highly recommend it to anybody visiting Leipzig.

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Location:Brandenburger Straße,Leipzig,Germany


Gerhard Schoolmann said...

Wernesgrüner was - together with Radeberger - one of the two beers which were drinkable in the former GDR. Both were only available "under the table" (if You have had connections).

After the revolution the brewery Wernesgrüner and also Köstritzer were bought from the Bitburger group. Radeberger was bought from Dr. Oetker (a great enterprise - food and shipping).

Now the breweries are updated. And the beers are adapted.

Anonymous said...

Only two drinkable beers in the DDR? You either have a very short memory or you never went there.