Sunday, October 10, 2010

The First Beer

It is in Düsseldorf...

It is an altbier but not the one you might think.

It's a Kürzer Alt from the brand new Kürzer Brauerei on Kurze Strasse in the Altstadt.

It's a very good beer, which it would have to be in this town. My only complaint is that it comes in .2 liter glasses.

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Location:Kurze Straße,Dusseldorf,Germany

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DonS said...

If only I'd known - it could have been done, as I was in the region at the opening weekend! Ah well, I'll be content with having visited Pinkus-Mueller, Stephanus, Pott's, Stiefel-Juergens, and Zwiebel in the Muensterland instead ... not to mention Hohmann's, just outside of Fulda. Gotta have a limit somewhere. Hope the new Altbier haus is good - Prost Fred!