Monday, October 18, 2010

Walking around Antwerp

We decided to walk around Antwerp, visiting a new pub and some others that we haven't visited in a while.

We started off at Oud Arsenaal for a bolleke of DeKonnick, the local beer.

The next stop was Quentin Matsys, which claims to be the old continuously license pub in Belgium. It certainly looked old (but nice)

There were four DeKonnick beers on draft plus a decent bottle selection.

Next up was the Kathedral Cafe, formerly know as Het Elfde Gebod ("The Eleventh Commandment") which is right across an alley from the Antwerp Cathedral. The new management (if they are new) has kept all the religious statutes that an make you sometimes feel the place is crowded, even when it's empty.

We ducked in to Paters Vatje but it was crowded as it was too cold to sit outside. Our next stop is a new pub, 't Antwaerps Bierhuiske (Antwerp' Little Beer House).

It is very small but had a good tap selection (for Belgium) and a great bottle list.

Among the beer we tasted were a side by side comparison of Pannepot and Pannepuet -- which are supposedly the same beer except one uses candy sugar and the other cane sugar. Sadly they were from different years so age effects made a difference but there was a noticeable difference in the two.

By now the Kulminator was about to open so we headed off there.

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