Monday, October 4, 2010

Warning: Beer Trip Approaching!

This weekend marks the start of the 13th Annual Sticke Warriors trip. Hard to believe it's been that long, but I first went to drink Uerige Sticke with a three other homebrewers (and one girlfriend) back in 1998.

On the schedule this year: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels (Day trip), Ghent (Day Trip), Düsseldorf, Cologne (Day trip), Bamberg, Leipzig and Berlin. Lots of beer and lots of fun. We've got 18 people this year with the bulk of them on the Antwerp-Düsseldorf-Bamberg legs.

One traveler is already in Europe, visiting relatives in Sweden. The next leave Friday and I leave Saturday. The rest follow in drips and drabs over the next few days.

So watch this space for pictures of beer and pictures of people drinking beer and who know's what else.

Oh, and this will be the first trip in a long time without a laptop -- I am going to try and do everything on my iPad (with an external keyboard)

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